Who is ForeFront Presentation Media

ForeFront Presentation Media is a solutions-driven company that customises and integrates audio-visual and communication equipment for clients. We work on-site to tailor systems that meet your unique needs and ensure that these can scale up, in line with your future growth and within your budget. We have built a solid reputation for providing impeccable service, well-configured systems, hands-on training and reliable 24-hour support. Most of our business comes from long-standing relationships and client referrals, which we truly value. We are market leaders in wireless presentation technology and specialise in assisting corporate clients, call centres, universities, schools, training colleges, museums and exhibition centres to implement secure, indispensable and user-friendly functionality. With every client, we seek to exceed rather than just meet their expectations, in the hope of establishing a trusted, long-term partnership.

Perfect Wireless Solutions

Wireless Presentation System (WPS)

Stop tripping over cables and don’t worry anymore about connectivity problems! We customise practical presentation solutions that are effective, adaptable and flexible. Whether you need a permanent or a mobile system, we’ll give you control and confidence.

Wireless HDMI

Enjoy the ultimate in quality sound, vision and screen resolution with our wireless high definition multimedia interface solutions. Our equipment enables you to transmit and display video and audio signals digitally, through a single connection.

Wireless Interactive Presentation Gateway

Forget about wires and having to wait your turn! Our presentation gateways enable multiple users to interact wirelessly, presenting from Windows, Macbooks, laptops, smart phones, tablets and iPads to any display. It’s fast, integrated, reliable and easy to use