Maintenance Contracts / Service Level Agreements

Because modern businesses rely so heavily on communication and technology, it’s a good idea to keep your audio-visual equipment in good working order. A useful solution is our maintenance or Service Level Agreements, which gives you support and assistance when you need it. Response times are set in the SLA and strictly adhered to but regardless of this being in place, repairs, maintenance and replacements are always done as quickly as possible by expert teams. In addition to a 24-hour helpline, we also offer the following call outs:

On-Site Support

Our technicians can visit your premises to do an on-site assessment of your equipment. If faults are identified, we repair them then and there is possible, especially if they related to problems like cable faults and terminal point issues. If required, faulty equipment is removed for repairs and re-installed as quickly as possible to limit any inconvenience.

Off Site Support

Telephonic and email support is available regarding any equipment that we have installed or any service we have provided. We have hands-on experience in managing this kind of support, which can be highly successful and cost effective. Our technicians can help you with common problems and comprehensive troubleshooting. Our telephonic/mobile help-line is available to clients 24/7.

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