The working environment changes rapidly and integrated communication is essential for growth and success. Using audio-visual technology, you can connect with a global network of offices and clients, seeing them, hearing them and interacting with them in real time. Our wireless connectivity enables you to tap in to a range of gadgets, including laptops, smart phones, projectors, ipads and tablets. This makes the flow of ideas, information and data instant and seamless. Smart office solutions mean you never have to travel locally or internationally, as live meetings can be simulated, merging multiple locations concurrently.

Complete Office Solutions

Following an on-site meeting and collaboration, we will design and install a complete office solution using cutting-edge products from world-class manufacturers. This includes boardrooms, meeting rooms, reception areas and outdoor spaces.

Smart Office Solutions
These include basic items like flip-boards and white boards as well as interactive white boards, digital surround sound, LCD screens, LED panels, microphones, TVs, projectors, amplifiers, tele-conferencing, video-conferencing and one-touch control interfaces. Despite sounding complex, the system is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive control and optimal functionality. Wireless technology is applied and thoroughly tested, with integration into existing tools and office communication technology maximised.

Boardroom Solutions

With the latest technology, you can transform your boardroom into a global centre of excellence and a hive of productivity:

Boardroom Automation
The quality products and systems we recommend offer solutions that enable you to run a fully automated boardroom. This means that using boardroom technology is simplified, without anyone having to struggle with equipment and cumbersome processes. A central control point enables an operator to do everything through the touch of a button. This includes lowering screens, turning on lights, changing sound level volume, linking equipment, playing video clips, launching internet pages, connecting with other sites globally, sharing interactive information and turning everything off at the end of the meeting.

We will evaluate your site and consult with you on how to set up the best system possible within your budget. We make use of preferred Control solutions such as AMX, Crestron and Extron integration, as well as a state-of-the-art wireless products such as the EZCast Pro, for which we are the preferred agent in South Africa. We also represent the best of breed local and international automation brands.

Boardroom Audio Visual
Let us transform your boardroom into a world-class communication hub, using audio-visual equipment like projectors, amplifiers, speakers, flat-screen TVs, microphones, audio and video-conferencing technology. We will work according to your budget and in line with your unique and customised requirements. Our audio-visual products will keep you at the forefront, helping you to conduct your business more innovatively and more cost-effectively. The investment in your boardroom equipment will be a good one!

Other Offerings

  • Maintenance ContractsMaintenance Contracts
    When it comes to Audio Visual Equipment in Businesses it is advisable to always have a SLA or Maintenance Contract.
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  • HiringHiring
    We offer a vast range of Audio Visual Equipment for rent for your specific Function.
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  • Video Conferencing SolutionsVideo Conferencing Solutions
    We offer unique Video Conferencing Solutions from very entry level till very specialized Solutions. All Video Conferencing Solutions are made to work seamlessly.
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