Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” At ForeFront Presentation Media, we also believe that technology can help transform education, making it an even more powerful force. We specialise in solutions for schools, colleges, universities and training centres, all aimed at making learning accessible, dynamic and lively. Our unique solutions enable Wireless Interactive Simultaneous Recording of everything that’s being done and discussed. Once a session has ended, all content is immediately available online and can be emailed or downloaded at any stage.

Blended Classroom
Blended classrooms involve using digital and online media to deliver educational content to learners. This enables learners to work at their own pace. Online channels can be used to access information and to submit work for assessment. Within the classroom itself, a highly-interactive approach to learning means that teachers and students can share ideas and information instantly and openly. Using flip charts, electronic whiteboards, drawing boards, online text books and lecture sheets, class notes can be integrated, saved, stored and shared with any number of people. Also, by collaborating through tablets, laptops and mobile phones, learning can be made available and inclusive in a blended classroom. Speak to us about our products and services specifically tailored for the education environment.

Flip Classroom
Flip classroom technology enables students to reverse traditional class and homework sessions. Learners view streamed or pre-recorded video lectures prior to classroom sessions as homework. During class, interactive technology enables them to enjoy interactive discussions and personalised teacher support. They can also use technology to complete assessments and submit projects. Groups of students can link up online to complete group work or tasks can be completed within the classroom environment. We offer technological and software systems that enable a flip classroom to operate seamlessly.

Other Offerings

  • WirelessWireless
    Wireless Presentation technology has advanced in a very big way. You can now Present a Presentation or Video in Full HD while being connected to your Corporate Network.
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  • Video Conferencing SolutionsVideo Conferencing Solutions
    We offer unique Video Conferencing Solutions from very entry level till very specialized Solutions. All Video Conferencing Solutions are made to work seamlessly.
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  • HiringHiring
    We offer a vast range of Audio Visual Equipment for rent for your specific Function.
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